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How to Remove i-gosearch.com Browser Hijacker? (Effective Removal Guide)

i-gosearch.com keeps appearing on my browser and replaces the browser homepage whenever I open web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. When I try to do search on this i-gosearch.com website, I am redirected to unwanted websites. It is so annoying! How can I change my browser back to normal? Any help will be highly appreciated.

Description of i-gosearch.com

i-gosearch.com is categorized as a malicious browser hijacker virus. And it is also know as a browser extension or plug-in that is installed on the internet browsers like IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Yahoo, Bing, Opera, etc. This threat affect both all versions of Windows operating system and Macs. This adware gets into the system by many different ways. It is very tricky and usually comes bundled with other programs which can download from the internet from many famous sites. If you click on any commercial pop-up ads or suspicious links, spam email attachments, this program will be installed on your PC without your consent.

After completed its infiltration, this browser hijacker virus affects the Windows system such as changing homepage on all browsers, modifying DNS and browser extension settings, and many more. Then this browser hijacker will take control of your browser and you will have difficult in using the Internet properly. Whatever and whenever you try to open your browser and try to surf on the internet, you will be forced to visit its pointed websites. Meanwhile, this hijacker virus will constantly show up unwanted pop-up windows on the computer screen. On one hand, these pop-up windows prevent your online activities. On the other hand, they drop additional computer threats like Potential malware/spyware to your computer.

What’s still, this browser hijacker has the ability to track your browsing history and collect your crucial information. The worst thing is this hijacker virus cannot be removed by antivirus software. For the security of your computer system and your own privacy, you have to quickly remove i-gosearch.com browser hijacker from your computer completely.

Screenshot of This Browser Hijacker


Symptoms of This Infection

Your web browser will run slowly, and may freeze, get stuck and break down due to a very large portion of the browser space is occupied by the harmful hijacker.
It takes control over your browser by tampering with browser parameters.
It redirects you to irrelevant content web pages and displays numerous pop-up ads on the main computer screen to disturb your web searches.
It may likely to drop more malicious computer virus to the system, which will further jam and harm your computer.
Your online privacy will be under severe threat.
You will fail to pick up this hijacker virus via antivirus program.

Effective Removal Guide

i-gosearch.com is a fox and stubborn virus, which can escape from antivirus. Now, most malware or virus are cannot be removed with the help of security tools like antivirus programs. Thus, you need to take measures to have this redirect virus removed from your computer. If you have no clue on how to get rid of it, you can follow the guides here to remove the browser hijacker redirect virus thoroughly.

Method One: Easily and safely remove i-gosearch.com browser hijacker with SpyHunter

Method Two: Manually remove i-gosearch.com browser hijacker from the infected computer

Method One: Easily and safely remove i-gosearch.com browser hijacker with SpyHunter

SpyHunter is an advanced professional and powerful malware removal tool, which is able to detect and delete various kinds of threat from your computer without damage. So you can download SpyHunter on your computer and use it to remove the computer threat quickly and safely.

Step 1: Download and Install SpyHunter on your computer.

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Step 2: After the installation, click on the “Scan Computer now” buttons to start the complete scan of hard drives to locate all the threats on your PC. The infections found may be shown as thumbnails with the description how fatal it can be for the system.


Step 3: After the scanning process is over, Spyware HelpDesk will provide you total information about the threats encountered.


Step 4: Remove all the infections detected by the SpyHunter to make your system secure.


Step 5: Click on System Guard button to block i-gosearch.com infection and also protect system from any further damages.


Method Two: Manually remove i-gosearch.com browser hijacker from the infected computer

Step 1: Clear cookies from affected browsers

Internet Explorer:

Start IE-> click on the Tools-> point to Safety and click Delete Browser History-> tick the Cookies box and then click Delete button.

Mozilla Firefox:

Start Mozilla Firefox-> click on Tools-> then select Options and Privacy respectively-> click Remove Individual Cookies-> delete corresponding cookies in the cookies showing box.

Google Chrome:

Launch Google Chrome-> click on the Tools menu and select “Clear browsing data” option-> select “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data” and click “Clear browsing data” button to delete all malicious cookies from the list.

Step 2: Remove add-ons and Extensions from infected browsers.

Internet Explorer:

Start Internet Explorer.
Click on Tools in the top menu and navigate to Manage add-ons.
Click Toolbars and Extensions on the left side, search and remove any suspicious add-ons.


Mozilla Firefox:

Run Mozilla Firefox.
Click on Tools in the top menu and select Add-ons.
Click Extensions, find out and disable any suspicious add-ons.


Google Chrome:

Run Google Chrome.
Click on wrench icon in the top right-hand corner, click on Tools and select Extensions option.


Find out and remove any unknown extensions.

Step 3: Show hidden files, folders, and drives

Click Start button->Control Panel-> Appearance and Personalization, and then click Folder Options. In the Folder Options Windows, click on View tab. Tick Show hidden files and folders, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) Under Advanced settings, and then click OK button.


Step 4: Delete related registry entries from Registry Editor

Attention: Be always to back up your PC before taking any actions

Click Start button and select Run from Start menu list. While a command run box appears, type “regedit” into the box and press Enter or press OK button to go on.


In the Registry Editor, search for and delete all related registry entries from your computer.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

Step 5: Remove all the vicious files related to the hijacker virus

Click Start menu and click on the “Search programs and files” box.
Search for and delete all malicious files below:


Step 6: Restart your PC

In Summary:

i-gosearch.com hijacker virus is a serious threat to your computer and privacy. If you get this hijacker virus on your computer, you should remove it out once being found to keep your computer safe and privacy secure. The above manual removal is a risky and complicated job. If you have no certain computer knowledge and skills, you are not recommended to clean up i-gosearch.com browser hijacker redirect virus in manual removal way. It is wise for you to use the professional and automatic Virus Removal Tool mentioned in this article to delete the virus easily and safely. (Download SpyHunter Now)

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