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How to Remove AlertTechHelp.com?

My browser is infected by AlertTechHelp.com! This site has taken control of my browser so that I can not use my browser randomly. This pest is really annoying and makes me mad! I try to get rid of this virus through my anti-virus, but I was greatly disappointed by the result. How can I remove this browser hijack redirect virus thoroughly from my computer? Any info or help you give me would be of great help.

What is AlertTechHelp.com?

AlertTechHelp.com is a malicious redirect virus offering alternative search engine along with some other extra functions. It provides several functions like image search, video search and web links to Google, Yahoo email as well as various online shopping sites. So obviously, under the search box of this site you can see random pop up ads include some charming pictures, games and similar contents. Although this site might seem to be a normal search site, it is risky for users to set it as a homepage of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and IE web browser due to the undefined danger it contains. The research bout this redirect virus has showed that this is not a safe site that could be used to look for information online even it looks nothing dangerous at first glance. This is a malicious domain and its related program can enter your computer with the assistance of other programs. The time it gets inside and targets your web browsers, it begins changing the default start page and search providers on your computer system, making itself to be the homepage that welcomes you every time you open the infected browser to browse. As long as it controls the target browser, it forbids you to reset browser settings and forces you to use it as a search site.

With its control over the infected browsers, it will allow other potential unwanted objects come inside the machine, such as adware programs, plugins, browser add-ons or extensions and other helper objects. The search results will be changed to some commercial links that can forward you to some advertising websites once you click on and that is one of the main purposes of its development. It helps promote sponsor links and sites through displaying fake search results and tricking your clicks. Through altering system settings and browser settings, it can introduce third parties onto the system and totally mess up the machine by performing random activities. There should be no illusions, however, about the likely result of this infection as it is completely a threat to the machine but has no values. What you can expect to get from this unreliable search site. Will it damage the infected machine inch by inch? If the answer is Yes to the above question at the phase review, the infection continues. The infection of this redirect virus should give you a warn that you should be careful when downloading resources from the internet next time. To secure your computer and reset the default homepage and search engine, it is needed to remove AlertTechHelp.com from the computer as soon as possible with no delay.

Possible Way to Get Infected With This Infection

AlertTechHelp.com is a fox redirect virus. It usually bursts into target computer through different channels. Commonly, it is distributed by hacked websites or P2P file sharing websites. And it often attaches its malicious code to certain applications that can be downloaded secretly on networks. In addition, computer users may get infected with this hijacker virus when they accidently click on a suspicious link embedded in a spam email. Hence, computer users should always pay enough attention while using any distrusted Internet resources to avoid unexpected infections.

Infected Symptoms

It infects all browsers and modifies the settings without your permission and consent.
It replaces your default homepage and search engine and redirects you to irrelevant pages.
It shows up numerous annoying pop-up ads on your computer screen.
It slows down the performance of the affected computer and even caused system crash.
It can escape from the security tools.
It exposes victim’s privacy like personal information and crucial data to the remote cyber hackers for their illegal benefit.

How to Prevent from Being Infected With Redirect Virus?

Redirect virus like AlertTechHelp.com always sneaks into the target computer without letting you know. And it attacks computer through many different ways. To avoid being infected with such redirect virus, you’d better take note of tips below:

Use a hardware-based firewall
Install real-time and quality antivirus and refuse free antivirus applications.
Update your anti-malware applications on a basic.
Perform daily scans to keep away from attacking by the malware.
Refuse to use pirated software or cracked software.
Be sure to use strong passwords.
Properly scan secondary storage devices before you using them.
Individual precaution when you open emails especially junk email from unknown people.
Avoid clicking on those malicious advertisement pop-ups and sponsored links.
Never visit hacked/porn/adult websites.
Be careful when you need to download free stuffs from torrent or any other websites.

Removal guides

The browser hijack redirect virus is an extremely dangerous threat on the infected computer and personal information stored on the target computer. Once in, it disrupts your Internet browsing activities by tampering with default browser settings like homepage and default search engine. It can redirect your Internet searches to irrelevant ones. It disallows you from visiting malicious websites which may contain additional computer virus. Besides, it is able to slow your computer, decrease your available memory, and flood your computer with popup advertisements. And it also modifies Registry and other system settings. Moreover, security tools make no sense for it. Thus, it is strongly suggested you should get rid of this redirect virus as soon as possible. Learn more from the removal guides below.

Solution One: Automatically remove AlertTechHelp.com by means of SpyHunter

Solution Two: Get rid of AlertTechHelp.com in manual way

Solution One: Automatically remove AlertTechHelp.com by means of SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a professional malware removal tool, so you can download it on your computer and use it to remove the potential threat found on your computer automatically and easily.
Step 1: Download SpyHunter and install it on your computer.

Download SpyHunter Now

Step 2: After the installation, click on the “Scan Computer now” buttons to start the complete scan of hard drives to locate all the threats on your PC. The infections found may be shown as thumbnails with the description how fatal it can be for the system.


Step 3: After the scanning process is over, Spyware HelpDesk will provide you total information about the threats encountered.


Step 4: Remove all the infections detected by the SpyHunter to make your system secure.


Step 5: Click on System Guard button to block AlertTechHelp.com redirect infection and also protect system from any further damages.


Solution Two: Get rid of AlertTechHelp.com in manual way

Step 1: Boot the infected computer into “Safe Mode with Networking”

Win 7/vista:

1) Reboot the PC and press F8 key on the keyboard continuously but before logging in.
2) When the Windows Advanced Options Menu appears on the screen, select “Safe Mode with Networking” option with “up and down” arrow keys on the keyboard, and then tap Enter key to enter Safe Mode with Networking.

Win 8:


1) Restart your computer. As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, hold the Shift button and mash the F8 key, this will sometimes boot you into the new advanced “recovery mode”, where you can choose to see advanced repair options. Then, click on See advanced repair options Button to go on.
2) Click on the Troubleshoot option-> select Advanced Options-> choose the Windows Startup Settings option-> hit the Restart button.
3) When your PC reboots, Windows will automatically display Safe mode options. Press F5/5 key to highlight “Safe Mode with Networking option”, and hit enter key as well. Later after that, Windows 8 Operating system will be booted up with safe mode with networking.

Option 2:

1) Press the Win+R key combination, while a command run box pops up, type “msconfig” into the box and hit enter key to continue.
2) Click on the boot tab, and tick Safe Boot check box.
3) Chose your option and click the “OK” button to go on.
4) Restart your machine.
5) Later, you PC will be booted into Safe Mode automatically.
6) If you restart you PC you will just keep getting booted into Safe Mode, to stop this open “msconfig” again and uncheck the Safe Boot option, then hit the ok button. And restart your machine once again.


Step 2: Stop running processes in Windows Task Manager

Options to open Windows Task Manager:

1) Keep pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together or Click on the Start button->Navigate to the Run option->Type” taskmgr” into the Run box and press OK to go on.)
2) While Widows Task Manager opens, click on Processes tab.
3) Select the related processes and click End Process button to end all.


Step 3: Show Hidden Files and folders

1) Click Start menu and select Control Panel from the list. Click Appearance and Personalization, and then click Folder Options.


2) In the Folder Option, click its View tab.
3) Check Show hidden files and folders and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommend) Under the Advanced settings, and then hit OK button.


Step 4: Search the following registry entries in your Registry Editor and then remove all of them.

(Click Start button> click “Run” > Input “regedit” into the Run box and click ok)
(Press Windows+R keys together, while a command box pop ups, type “regedit” into the Run box, and then hit OK button to continue)



HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run |Regedit32

Step 5: Click on the “Start” menu and then click on the “Search programs and files” box, Search for and delete these files created by the virus:


Step 6: Fix infected browsers

Internet Explorer:

1) Open Internet Explorer.
Click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner -> select ‘Manage Add-ons’.
Here, looks for unfamiliar Add-ons, extensions and plugins, and remove all.

2) In order to change your homepage, click on the gear icon again and select ‘Internet options’.
Remove AlertTechHelp.com and enter your preferred domain name.

3) In order to change your default search engine, click on the gear icon again, select ‘Manage Add-ons’ -> ‘Search Providers’.
Set your preferred search engine.

Mozilla Firefox:

1) Open Mozilla Firefox.
Click on the menu icon in the top right corner and select ‘Add-ons’ -> ‘Extensions’.
Here, select unfamiliar plugins (Search Assist, etc.) and select trash icon to delete these entries.

2) In order to change your homepage, click Firefox, choose ‘Options’.
Here, eliminate AlertTechHelp.com and enter your preferred website.

3) In order to change your default search engine, click on the menu icon and question mark icon
Here, click ‘Troubleshooting Information’ and click ‘Reset Firefox’.

Google Chrome:

1) Open Google Chrome.
Click on the menu icon (top right corner) and select ‘Tools’ -> ‘Extensions’.
Here, select unfamiliar Add-ons, extensions and plugins, and click trash icon to delete all.

2) In order to change your homepage, click on menu icon, choose ‘Settings’ -> ‘On startup’ section -> ‘set pages’
Here, eliminate AlertTechHelp.com by clicking on the “X” and enter your preferred website.

3) In order to change your default search engine, click on the menu icon -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Search’ section
Here, click ‘Manage Search Engines…’ and add your preferred domain name.


AlertTechHelp.com is a nightmare for many internet users. It will annoy internet users once it is installed into the infected computer with success. It interferes with browser activities of the affected computer and is executing many unsafe activities through its domain. It severely damages target computer and exposes personal information stored on the infected computer to the third party hackers for their illegal use. Under circumstance, you should remove this harmful redirect virus from the compromised computer before it causes any damage and lost.
The above manual removal is a tough and risky job, which needs sufficient computer knowledge. Victims are required to handle registry entries and system files on their own. And any errors during the manual removal will lead to computer crash. If you are not familiar with manual interaction, and do not want to make mistake, you are strongly recommended to eliminate AlertTechHelp.com by using automatic virus removal tool mentioned in this article.

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